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  • Hum Paunch

    To many, Goa, a coastal locale which lies somewhere within western India, is a land where intoxicants such as Urrack and Feni are served a plenty in b.....

  • Going Down

    The airport was really busy. There were so many name boards, it was hard to find the right one. Squinting at several signs, some of them with re.....




  • Vishal Thakkar

    I have authored a book called "Balance Sheet - The Tale of Asset & Liability" published by CNBC TV18 .....

  • Vaibhavi Parmar

    very friendly, full of standard issue dreams, fangirls regularly, argues frequently and reads like her life depends on it.

  • Aliza Matani

    Loves getting lost in fiction and fantasies. Love writing and aspires to be a Novelist.

  • Gaurav Holay

    Jack of all. Master of none. Just your regular all-rounder.