10 Questions Sikhnis (Sikh Girls) Have To Listen To At Their BFF's Weddings




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Indian parents, sigh! Ok, let’s not blame the parents alone but even the chachis, the mausis, and the next door aunties too. Everyone seems to run worried the moment we girls attain puberty and cross 18. Those rants and whines on why we should marry by 25 and the hazards of not having a child by 28 - sounds familiar? Why can they (elders) not leave us single women alone!

Here are ten questions most Sikhinis (sikh girls) in India face at weddings. You might laugh, but this is serious stuff.  

1. "Your sister got married, now it is your turn."

Thank You for attending my sisters wedding, but how does that make me next in line?

*rolls eyes*

2. "Do you have a boyfriend or shall we start searching for a nice SARDAR?"

What if I am a lesbian? Or don't want a sardar? Or maybe just want to be single for a while. 

Source: https://33.media.tumblr.com/1e290f5f6a5b825c5c6483d94f0a52c6/tumblr_muzrafa8nL1skxvc0o2_500.gif

3. "Don't you think the makeup and dress is too loud n gaudy for your age?"

Said by the aunty dressed in a netted sarees and eye-blinding accessories. I'm 20. You crossed that a century ago. 

4. "Like any MAN at the wedding reception? I'll take things ahead."

Ah, well, if only you could give me your visiting card, so I'll know where to reach you. 

Source: http://laajokidiary.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/img_9917.jpg

5. "I think the groom's friend likes you - he is constantly chasing after you."

"Kinna sona munda hai!"

Just because the groom's friend got me a drink and a plate of munchies, and we spoke here and there; doesn’t mean I am into him or he is into me. 

Source: http://i.imgur.com/ztMIa.jpg

6. "Marne se pehle tere bachhe ka chehra bas ek baar dekh lun!"

EPIC DIALOGUE! And to this we would say “REHEN DE MUMMYJI”, I am not a baby making machine. My body, my choice! No emotional dialogues please.

Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WPSolkIZZjM/UdNCDCqs2jI/AAAAAAAAAP0/eDPnnLh42w8/s1600/mona+inside+brew.jpg

7. "I have saved up for your wedding."

Thank You Dad and Mom, I truly appreciate it and I know how lavish our Punjabi Weddings can be - let the money stay in the bank, and allow more interest to accumulate. When am ready to tie the knot, I shall let you know.

Source: https://sukhichandi.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/kulisharon-25-copy.jpg

8. "Kundali talkies!"

"Punditji said the plantes have given the green signal. Ab tu bhi de de."

"Bhakut aur nadi mein koi dosh nahi hai."

"Rahu, ketu, shani, sab saath saath hain. Iss saal shaddi nahi hui toh 10 saal chali jayegi."

Stop being ridiculous. How's one planet banging into another got anything to do with my marriage? 

Source: http://img.india-forums.com/wallpapers/1366x768/284593-drashti-dhami-pallavi-purohit-in-madhubala-ek-ishq-ek-junoon.jpg

9. "Padhai ho gayi ab shaadi."

So you paid for my education - I am grateful. But wait, am I a burden to you? If that’s the case, I am educated enough to get a job and there are many places I can go live alone too. So ‘shaadi’ as of now- nah!

Source: https://mairpls.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/collage.jpg

10. "Biradri kya kahegi?"

I feel like banging my head every time the ‘biradri talk’ comes up. So mummyjis and papajis, please hold your horses and let me ride on the wave of life. Biradri wasn’t there to educate me, feed me or clothe me when needed. Do not ruin my future for the sake of satisfying societal draconian norms.

Source: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/104665/3143444-3828133536-angry.png

“Munda kamata acha hai or CANADA returned hai, tujhe bahut pyar karega or phoren le jayega, Umrika main uska business hai!” 

Good lord, we sikhinis need a break!

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