7 Cities With Mind Blowing Prettiness




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Other than New York, Paris, Rome, London. Because, let's move on from them already!

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Moving around in Amsterdam feels like crawling through a painting. Crawling because you'll be pausing every few steps, staring wonderstruck at the beautiful canals, bridges, narrow streets, and those colourful buildings. 

2. Prague, Czech Republic

The prettiest city of Eastern Europe. It has single handedly made travelling to Eastern Europe fashionable. Be it the Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge or boating in Vltava River, time comes to absolute standstill in this ancient city. 

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

So this is what Russians were creating behind the famous Iron Curtain. Massive cities. Moscow and St. Petersburg are twin cities as grand as any other in the world. While Moscos has the Seven Sisters, kremlin and the Red Square, it is St. Petersburg which is the soul of Russia. The Nevsky Prospekt is the main street of St. Petersburg, and is as grand, if not more, as Champs Elysees of Paris. The Church of Our Saviour On Spilled Blood is one of the most iconic structures of the world. And Neva rives, flowing silently through the heart of the city, is awe inspiring.

4. Vienna, Austria

Rightly called Paris of the East, this city has some of the best architecture you'll find in Europe. In the good old days, it was said that Europe started from Vienna. At the height of it's power, Vienna was one of the cultural capitals of the world. Even today, 

5. Lisbon, Portugal

This ancient naval power is hip and happening. Built on Seven Hills, a walk (or a ride if you must) through the streets of the city feels like a vibrant amusement park. This city is warm and so are its people.

6. Tokya, Japan

The Eastern heavyweight; it's a surprise that not many Indians go to Tokyo. But this mega city is worth a visit.  

7. Zagreb, Croatia

So we know Dubrovnik is famous as King's Landing from Game of Thrones. But if you must land in Croatia, then it would be the capital city of Zagreb. Here's something about Zagreb. The city is literally home of dragons. The city is full of statues of snakes and dragons, so much so that, it's said that a cursed snake queen is buried deep down in the tunnels of Zagreb's medieval mountain fortress, Medvedgrad.

8. San Francisco, USA

Bonus :).

The City by the Bay is not only pretty, but pretty much a powerhouse. All of America's (and so the world's) internet moguls are in and around this mega city. But wait, we're here to talk of it's beauty. San Francisco, to many, is the most beautiful city of America (even more than New York). Maybe because it's built on the hills, or maybe it's the colourful Disnified houses. The city is also a culture and fashion capital. The famous Haight Ashbury nieghbourhood was were the Hippie culture started.  Stroll down the Fisherman's Wharf or take a boat to the nearby city of Sausalito, there's a lot to do and see in SF. 

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