7 Reasons Why Should You Attend The NH7 Weekender




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1. Happening in Hills

NH7 Weekender is a five city music festival, with the first gig kicking off in Shillong, Meghalaya on 23-24, Oct. And if you thought EDM on beach was cool, wait till you get to this mountain of madness. Perhaps it’s the greenness of it all or the cool breeze, but the lush valleys are a great place to head bang.

2. Road Trip With Friends

Heard the saying: “A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” What this means is you’re going to love the travel, especially since you’re hitting the road with your best buds in the passenger and back seat. Whether it’s the air trip or the road trip (Mumbai-Pune Expressway anyone?) nothing adds more to the excitement of the destination than a journey which is underway.

3. Discover Music

So you don’t know all the acts in the fest, of course. The point of attending a music fest is to open your mind to music which you usually won’t go searching for on youtube. Imagine standing infront of a spaceship-level-glitzy stage and suddenly realizing that the music you’re listening to is new level of awesomeness. There, you’ve found a new favourite and the music fest organizers have earned some good Karma.

4. Disagreement Between Friends

Over many things. Right from who drank whose daaru, to deciding which act to attend and which to miss (especially if the group is split and two favourite acts coincide). But then what’s a good friendship (and a good journey) without a few fights. Besides, the hyper-emotional “Tu bhai hai mera” stage is just a few drinks away. 

5. …And Making New Friends

Get this. A music fest is a huge flock of same feather friends. All those who attend a music fest belong to the same family of apes called Enjoyus Maximus, which is usually open minded and welcoming. Besides there’s alcohol. Wander away from your group for a while, and you’ll realize that partying with strangers will leave you with a memory for life. 

6. Cos You (Can) Move Like Jagger(y)

Seriously, no one’s watching. No one gives an eff.  If you’re the dance-floor-shy type because you fear your antics there could make you a social outcast, then you’d be happy to know that at a music fest there will always be someone breaching the gold standards of embarrassment, and no one gives an eff about them either.

7. Hangover Pictures

You know your Weekender was a smash hit if all your friends have conflicting views of what transpired, and the pictures reveal stuff which none of you can remember. For the rest of your life you’re going to mention to anyone who cares to listen, your adventures in the EDM war zone.  

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