7 Ways In Which BJP Will Change India. Forever.




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These 7 things when implemented by BJP will change the way you and I live our lives forever.

1. Boosting Tourism. Come breathe in a bit of India, along with Gujarat of course.

BJP has pledged to revive “Brand India” through what it describes as the five Ts – Tradition, Talent, Trade, Technology and Tourism. They plan to introduce 50 new tourist circuits.

In 2012 Italy had 46.4 million foreign tourists whereas India had only 6.6 million. The reason to compare Italy with India is because the global tourists can enjoy similar experiences in both the countries which include beautiful beaches and mountains, abundance of architecture , places of worship, culture, history and ofcourse food.

2. Opening The Internet Flood Gates

  "BJP will focus on increasing the penetration and usage of broadband across the country, leverage technology for e-Governance, generate IT based jobs in rural and semi-urban areas, use mobile and e-Banking to ensure financial inclusion." the manifesto said.

Internet is one of the, if not the only platform that can offer information about anything and everything instantly. From doing an MBA in your living room to understanding The Big Bang theory, it does all that we can imagine.

3. 100 New Smart Cities

BJP has advocated for urban development as its priority. "We will initiate building 100 new cities. Major steps will be undertaken in Transport and Housing for 'Urban Upliftment' in India," the manifesto promises.  Cities will be created on the Delhi -Mumbai Industrial corridor (DMIC) Dholera is one of the first in which major development work under this has already started.


The current claustrophobic situation of metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and so on points towards the dire need for creating more cities to fuel the growth of the indian middle class and to reduce the pressure from the current metropols.

4. Bullet Trains. A faster India.

Average speed of Rajdhani: 130 km/hr  

Top speed of the French TGV  V-150: 574 km/hr

Top speed of the Chinese CRH380A: 386 km/hr

As you can see, we could really use the speed. The bullet train would enable us to cover the distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in less than two hours compared to the current duration of six hours.

BJP aims to establish the Diamond Quadrilateral Project of high speed trains (Bullet train) and a special high speed corridor between Mumbai and Ahmadabad. The manifesto also states a agri rail network will be established where focus will be on the logistics of perishable agricultural products such as milk and vegetables. Special wagons will have to be designed to cater to these needs.

5. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Coming home after a vacation at times feels like a bummer. Meanwhile, there are those who neither have vacations nor homes.

BJP launch a massive low cost housing programme in an attempt to put a roof (Pucca House) over each Indians head by the 75th anniversary of our country’s independence. 

6. Gold Medals. To Make India Proud.

The table below shows the medal tally of India and China since the 1984 summer olympics:


Year Medals won by China Medals won by India
1984 32 0
1988 28 0
1992 54 0
1996 50 1
2000 58 1
2004 63 1
2008 100 3
2012 87 6


In our constant competition with China we should also adopt the practice of training the right people for the right sports. That process would start with locating these young talents.

BJP has promised to launch the ‘National Sports Talent Search System’ to identify and nourish sporting talent from a young age. Young talent will be recognized and sent for special training. The existing rural sporting program and National Women’s Sport Festivals will be widened to reach a larger spectrum of rural areas.



7. Swach Bharat. A Toilet for every Indian.

Millions of our brothers and sisters defecate out in the open daily. This is the lowest form of humiliation in todays day and age especially for our sisters. "Swach Bharat" a mission that targets creating a toilet for every Indian is one of the noblest causes undertaken by our Prime Minister. Swach Bharat targets creating a 100 milion toilets across India. The jobs and the economy boost that this mission will give our country is an added bonus. Swach Bharat when accomplished in 2019 will indeed be the greatest gift that BJP could give to Gandhiji on his 150th anniversary .



(With inputs from Ms. Rajeeka T Kacheeria - IT Cell Convener Gujarat State. This is the official BJP Gujarat page on Litizen.com.)

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