9 Bollywood Super Hit Films of the 90s, Which Would Have Flopped Miserably Now!




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Back then, it was the rule of celebrities who believed in going all silly, crazy, punky and wild- of perms and baggy pants, loud makeup and midi skirts, over-the-top large shirts and colorful clothes – the 90s swung away like the world was at its end!

Ahh, the good old days of meri pant bi saaaxy to the tu cheez badi hai mast-mast numbers- what are we talking about? Bollywood hits of the 90s of course; which surely GEN-Y wouldn’t understand or rave about. Back then, it was the rule of celebrities who believed in going all silly, crazy, punky and wild- of perms and baggy pants, loud makeup and midi skirts, over-the-top large shirts and colorful clothes – the 90s swung away like the world was at its end!

Not to forget they make a special mention of the soulful romantic numbers that were churned out in this decade like Aashiqui, DDLJ, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Khamoshi and many others. Agreed! Evergreen numbers that most of us sing; even today at Antakashri competitions, colleges and picnics- bring us back those days please!

But do you really think if those blockbusters from 90s were made today they would rule the box office? Baring a few remakes (most of which weren’t even from the 90s) they would fail miserably at the box office and popularity charts if made in this date. Keep reading to believe us.


1. Raja Hindustani (1996)

A good hearted taxi driver living by his own simple life codes played by Aamir Khan falls in love with the super rich Karishma Kapoor. Sigh! This plot was clichéd even back then. However the performances, the music and one of longest smooch in Bollywood films; not a very frequent scene in films of that decade made it one of the most successful ones of the 90s. Imagine this film being made today, the title itself won’t work. Rich girl visits countryside – Palankhet. Lo and behold, there is only ONE taxi driver - Raja Hindustani, our hero to help her out- what a deliberate coincidence! A taxi ride with two confused transvestites dancing to ‘chaiyya chaiyya’ on the cabs roof - do you think the audience today would digest it? Clearly this movie wouldn’t have even crossed a quarter of the 100 crores that we talk about these days.


2. Saajan Chale Sasural (1996)

Another ‘no-brainer’ comedy from David Dhavan, featuring none other than - Govinda! (For the nth time). A village simpleton as he has always played; gifted with a talent – music. Don’t miss out on the 90s fashion a la Govinda ishtyle and a dash of his signature thumkas in those garish clothes. The hero goes to the city to try his luck in music, only to get the news that his wife (Karishma Kapoor) died in the floods back home. Now to bring an interesting twist and to justify the title, he marries Tabu - daughter of the music company owner Kader Khan where the hero auditions. Wow double faayda! Another twist or something close to reincarnation, he finds his first wife Karishma is alive. Now the ehsaano ke taley dabaa singer cannot tell the truth to Tabu and her father and can’t be away from Karishma Kapoor too. Had this situation been today, am sure one of the wives would have filed a case against the bechaara hero. And the audience predicting what would happen ahead; we wouldn’t have even sat till interval, believe us when we say so!



3. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (1994)

Did we dare to include one of the biggest blockbusters of the century in this list? Well yes we did; and we stand by it. Haven’t we seen enough of marriage videos that we now need to bear a movie that has more than a dozen songs and a running time of almost 2 films made these days! And the plot so silly, why was even a film made on that? Marriage is fixed between Renuka Shahane and Mohnish Behl; both with larger- than-life joint families. Much needed cultural (over) dose with a pinch of spice with a cunning aunt (Bindu of course) especially for the NRIs. The usual gaana bajana, giggling, children running helter-skelter – headache! Devar (Salman) meets saali (Madhuri) and falls in love; needless to say – more songs. Godbharaai – more songs followed by a heart wrenching mishap -Jiju is widowed. Moral responsibility of the saali - to ditch her boyfriend and to become a mother to her nephew - amazing sanskaar! But jiju says you don’t have to be Mother India, you are better as an aunt; and the couple unites. All this happens because a dog knows whom to deliver the letter and whom to not. Are you going to buy this today? Of course not! We are totally done with all aspects of this film over years. Time to take a nap!


4. Khalnayak (1993)

Office romance; much the ‘Wows’! Okay this one had some plot. A gangster (Sanjay Dutt) escapes while the zimmedaar police officer (Jackie Shroff) is on a date with his police officer girlfriend (Madhuri). The police officer is blamed for his negligence. Behind every unsuccessful police officer is his cop girlfriend. She becomes the woman on mission to get her man’s glory back- turns into a seductress with the then VULGAR AND SHOULD-HAVE BEEN BANNED (according to the moral brigade) iconic Choli ke Peeche number. Multitalented cop I must agree! The single eyed gangster (stiff Sanjay Dutt) dancing to his own glory on Nayak nahi Khalnayak hoon main falls for the seductress on mission. Tables turn. Hearts change. She helps him escape and get accused herself. The gangster surrenders not before proclaiming the heroine as a lady of purity. Phew! In the age of realistic cinema, even commercial movies aren’t so stupid. Needless to say, this movie will have no bright future if released this Friday.


5. Beta (1992)

A family drama full of love, betrayal, greed and revenge. As usual a step mother (Aruna Irani) comes in a wealthy house with secret intention of grabbing the property. She keeps her step son (would be grown up as Anil Kapoor) naïve and away from school. And we talk about not allowing girls to school, pffft! Anil grows up to be mumma’s pet - yet heroic to save the damsel in distress (Madhuri Dixit) who is disowned by the village on return accused not to be chaste. As per typical Bollywood tradition, the hero marries his heroine.  The good and the bad women clash at home leaving the helpless hero confused whom to favor. Finally Ma ki mamta wins and he drinks poison to prove it. No he didn’t turn into the neelkanth Shiva, but gets his senses and eventually his life back. All is well at the end. Will some explain what’s new in this? Does it even cater to today’s GenX who weren’t even born back then?


6. Raja ki Aayegi Baraat (1997)

If all this wasn’t enough, here is story of rapist and the victim marrying and falling in love. This isn’t a spoiler for the newcomers, the film itself is. A school teacher (Rani Mukherji) helps her friend by exposing her cheating boyfriend. As a token of thanks she gets beaten and raped. Now hear this, the court who is supposed to punish the rapist cum hero (Shadaab Khan) asks him to marry the victim. Wow what a lesson to learn for the future generations! She is further tortured at her in laws house. A snake is let loose to bite her. Rani faints at the sight of it – come to think of this- A BIG LAWL! The rapist cum hero is ready to kill her, but the snake bites him. Now as if plotted, Rani regains consciousness and sucks the poison from the husband’s body and faints again. Now this is insanity! Everyone’s heart change and all is well at the end. O.M.G.!


7. Lamhe (1991)

A love story with a lot of twists and turns and ofcourse Oedipus complex, not that there’s anything wrong with it. Anil Kapoor falls for Sridevi, while she croons to the famous number- Morni Bagama in the dry Indian desert sands.  Paying no heed, our heroine is in love with someone else. She marries and flies off to a distant destination -dies in an accident but not before giving birth to a daughter - another Sridevi. This girl grows up, meets the older Anil Kapoor, and falls for him. Anil sees a photograph of a girl in a room which looks like his lady love, thinks she is the girl in that photo! For crying out loud -didn’t you realize that the photo was an old one and your lady has never dressed up that way? After a lot of reluctance, he gives in and finally marries the daughter of the woman he was in love with. What logic; much intelligence!


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