9 Issues Solo Travellers Face While Traveling With a Group





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Chaos after silence is never a welcome change. Travel is about self-discovery, being a rebel, and going off the path; but you can’t do that with a nagging group, or when traveling with your parents. For a solo traveler it feels more like a military camp traveling with a group.

1. Indecisiveness makes you feel irritable.

When there are a lot of people in a group, you can never decide on an itinerary or the place that you want to eat. As a solo traveller, you are used to making a decision and sticking to it.

2. Sometimes, when you want to enjoy a moment alone, people keep interrupting.

It’s sunset time on a hillock, and you really want to enjoy the mesmerising colours of the sun. Someone interrupting, clicking group pictures, and jabbering in your ear; not something a solo traveller enjoys!

3. Too many cooks, spoil the broth; too many people traveling together, spoil the plot!

Like mentioned travel is more about self-discovery, well that’s not going to happen when you are traveling in a group because you are busy discovering other people. 

4. The decisions are not yours to take!

Not being able to decide your ideal itinerary is very annoying. You’d really like to lead the group and do everything your way. 

5. Sharing sucks!

As a solo traveller, you are used to carrying your items required for the trip. It’s really not difficult to part with them with anyone else. A voice inside your head keeps saying, “No, I don’t share!”

6. Not everyone can cope up with your enthusiasm to travel local, or do as the natives do!

Travel is associated with comfort, whereas it’s exactly the opposite for you. You believe that travelling involves getting out of your comfort zone, to help find yourself or experience something new.

7. It’s annoying that people keep saying how dangerous it is to explore unknown lands, and take risks.

"No, don’t go down that hillock, it’s dangerous"; "This looks very scary, are you sure you want to do it", "It’s a dangerous route, let’s just take the main way"; well your response in the head is, "Ofcourse you moron, ofcourse I want to do this!"

8. Spontaneity, what’s that?

Everything is pre-planned, and it sucks. Traveling solo is much more about spontaneous decisions, and getting an adrenaline rush.

9. There is more shopping time allotted, than discovery time.

Shopping, shopping, shopping; people these days just love to shop. They expect to shop for family, for friends, for themselves. Hell! I'd say you’re here to discover a new place, and not shop. Solo travellers know exactly what I'm talking about.

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