9 Statements that Indian Parents Won't Understand




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Indian parents are always melodramatic. They love making a mountain out of a molehill, and will never spare the chance to make you realize that your lifestyle is nothing but a bloody mess. No doubt they love you to bits, but sometimes Indian parents just need to take a chill pill!

1. "I am so tired; I am going out for a drive."

Parent’s Reaction: “If you are tired, why don’t you sleep, or watch some TV. Why do you have to go for a drive and waste so much petrol?”

2. "I want to travel alone."

Parent’s Reaction: “Why do you want to travel alone? What if something horrible happens, what if you are kidnapped or robbed? Are you going through a break-up or something?”

3. "I want to live separately; I need some peace of mind."

Parent’s Reaction: “Yes, yes now your parents are troubling you. We can’t even speak to you about your life. Just kill us na, then you can live alone in this house. Just waiting for us to die..."

4. "I am busy, will call you later."

Parent’s Reaction: “You don’t even have the time to talk to your parents for 2 minutes. What is so urgent in office? Are you the only person working there? You have absolutely no respect for your parents."

5. "I have to finish this English TV series today."

Parent’s Reaction: “Do you have any sense of responsibility? Just sit and watch this shit all day on your laptop. Your parents have to keep running around to do the work and you just park your ass on the sofa with these stupid ear plugs which will make you deaf one day."

6. "I don't want to get married."

Parent’s Reaction: “Why don’t you want to get married? Am I not going to get any grandchildren? You just want to keep loafing around like this for the rest of your life!”

7. "I have such a bad headache and backache."

Parent’s Reaction: “At your age, we never used to get these headaches. We used to do manual work and walk for miles; sometimes work more than 12 hours and still we used to get up early morning to start our day. Watch more TV, stare at your laptop and keep playing on your phone. What else is going to happen?"

8. "I am so going to update my dinner pictures on FB, Twitter and Instagram. #Foodporn!"

Parent’s Reaction: “Why does the world know what you are eating? Why publicize everything? Is there nothing like privacy? All bloody show-off!"

"And did you just say PORN!"

9. "Shit! I forgot you asked me to get bread for dinner."

Parent’s Reaction:Haan! Today you forgot bread, tomorrow you'll forget us. 

One thing I asked you to do and you can’t remember."


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