All On Board- Ahoy 10 Best Places In U.K You Must Visit!




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One of the best European destinations to be at; tourists from the world over throng to the U.K to soak in its sights, sounds, mysteries, history, medieval palaces and castles, food and culture. Far from the run of the mill ‘must-see-touristy’ spots across UK; here is our top 10 to ponder on.

1. Devon

Beauty is the second name for Devon- freedom is the soul of this place, where you can be who you are sans judgmental eyes. The landscape around is dotted with beach-fringed historic houses, wild moors and cities that have their own grey shades and vibrancy. Laid back and never to follow a schedule, Devon in all its rustic ruggedness offers sights and sounds that soothe the mind- a boat trip by the evening, lanes lined with hedges that motivate you to walk, yachts at Dartmouth, Torquay and Exeter- famous tourist spots. Wine sampling- fresh and bubbly- adventure sports, horse riding and kayaking, and yes, sandy feet by the beaches!


Source: Devon

2. Cornwall

Inspired by the Celtic traditions and their way of life- head on to Cornwall- the Celtic Kingdom! Popularly known as KERNOW by those who speak CORNISH, Cornwall is blessed with a wide coastline and long beautiful yet very clean beaches. It is said that the region has a song of its own- one that only you could understand when you stay here for a while. A hot spot for farming, fishing and mining in the past; Cornwall now is a creative zone- Eden Project for example. Miss not the esteemed ‘Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape’- 2006 saw the historic mines here gaining popularity as the newest ‘Unesco World Heritage site’ in UK.


Source: Cornwall

3. The Cotswolds

Love the countryside? You cannot miss the old mansions in all their beauty, the honey coloured stones and cottages with thatched roof’s. Dotted with churches and almshouses; you’d also be offered with love a cup of mid-afternoon tea, as the rays of sun beams down upon you. Famous in the past for the wool shearing and trade, Cotswold now has large towns and popular fringe cities- Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cirencester to name a few. Enjoy a walk, cycle around, or go bareback horse-riding. Don’t miss out the famous 102-mile Cotswold Way as well!


Source: The Cotswolds

4. The Lake District

Popularly called LAKELAND, Lake District in UK is a very popular ‘national park’. It is estimated that around 20 million tourists per year visit this place- check out the countryside and the fells. The 19th century made the Lake District a popular hub for Romantic Poets (William Wordsworth)- we beg not to differ- the mountain tarns, unforgiving hilltops, panoramic picturesque views and the shimmering lakes- they say it all. Inspired already- come to the Lake District and know why!


Source: The Lake District

5. The Peak District

If you fancy a little more adventure than the usual whilst travelling across U.K- the Peak District is a place that offers it all. From cycling to trekking, village trails to rock climbing, water sports to walking, camping and caving too, the area provides the hungry adventurers at heart a thrilling experience to soak into. Don’t miss out on the famous PEAK DISTRICT MILESTONE trail- we won’t tell you why, not until you pay a visit!


Source: The Peak District

6. Brighton

Graham Greene books to the beach rave parties, rockers to the mods fighting with fists and blows, Mr. And Mrs. Smith naughty tales untold- BRIGHTON is the place to discover them all. The LGBTQIA community here has the largest presence in all of UK. The sea by Brighton is an imagination trove too. Brighton is an amalgamation of the hipster-bohemian culture, with a vibe all too hedonistic and where you can experience the cold chills of the sea with its warm residents around. Outrageous and colourful, safe and secure- every inch of Brighton warms you up like home. Quirky festivals, colourful lifestyles, The Royal Pavillion and the famous 19th century palace of parties- Prince Regent’s outlandish cove- come visit them all.

Source: Brighton

7. London

A must-be-at whilst travelling the length and breadth of U.K- London in fact has the lion’s share of tourists from across the globe, every year. Blame it on the acceptance of diversity, cultures, orientation, religion and more- London is a world in its own rights, and you can travel back in time whilst being here. The city is all about sights and sounds, of high-density and dynamism round the clock. Wide spaces to roam around, leafy escapes, the famous River Thames, galleries, museums, Greenwich Park, The London Eye, Richmond, Kew Gardens and more- be enthralled!

Source: London

8. Edinburgh

Even a month here wouldn’t be enough, because Edinburgh has so much to show, see and offer. The wynds to the vaults, the Old Town to Stockbridge, Cramond to urban villages- quirky hither corners and nooks to the beautiful gardens and lanes, the sunlit hill tops and red crags around- deep blue sea that flashes to the eyes as well- Edinburgh, you would fall in love with the vibrancy of this place. August is the time to be here, and you’d be in the midst of a festival- the local hotels and bars are packed, so book in advance!

Source: Edinburgh

9. The Scottish Highlands

Deep-rooted in culture, history and mysticism, you’d get a taste of the Scottish way of life in the Highlands. Must we say a little more why- blame it on the lovely weather. Proper seasons- 4 of them, and the landscapes offer you breathtaking views every month and as the year rolls by. Fancy shooting the August purple hills or the woodlands native to the HIGHLANDS, spring wildflowers or the golden rays of the sun, even when cloudy- come by and experience it all. Sheer magic is found mysteriously in the Highlands- it has a tale of its own.

Source: The Scottish Highlands

10. The Isle of Wight

Groovy baby! And that’s the best way the Isle Of Wight can be described. It has been more than three decades that the region has been a tourist destination for solo travellers, families and large groups alike- who wouldn’t like to be by the kitschy seaside, spades and buckets in hand? Amusement arcades galore, the prom scene here is very happening- funkiness is the soul mantra for the residents of the region. Sea-food, parties, bars, pubs, shopping and camping, vintage campervans and ecoyurts too- the mild climate is the reason why the 25 mile shore dotted with pristine beaches, white dramatic cliffs and sand dunes are a hit! 

Here were the ten best we could think off- have more suggestions, drop in a line!


Source: The Isle of Wight

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