An Open Letter to Chetan Bhagat Haters!




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Dear Chetan Haters,

Let’s go back to the 90s. Days of bad Bollywood films and great literature. One of the two got the cash register ringing. No prize for guessing which. Books, well, they won awards. And they sold abroad.

Back in homeland, the scenario was bleak. A bestseller sold 5000 copies. Rich text (font and content) was a non-mover in its own country. People just didn’t get the plot. People weren’t supposed to. Such is the nature of all things creative. Everyday stuff is lapped up. Which, if you go to think, has little to do with the creator, and everything to do with the consumer.

Come 2004, things changed. A little white book hit the stands. No fanfare there. No gun to your head to buy it. No social media, no twitter, no flipkart. No front page Times of India ad. No, Five Point Someone ran on its own.   

Let’s see why. The cover was interesting and so was the title. It was slim, fast paced, and relevant to the time. IIT was sexy then (how sexy it’s now is debatable). And so a book with the tagline ‘What not to do at IIT!’ was almost like a little black book (white book if you have to be pedantic) of secrets.

But let’s not attribute the success to Chetan Bhagat’s marketing acumen. Let’s assume he didn’t make a ‘proof of concept’ of what could work in Indian fiction. He wrote Five Point Someone because that's all he could write. That was all he knew. So then why did the book work? Clearly, people liked the story. All the things which traditional authors avoided because it didn't add to their idealistic romance (or let’s be fair, they didn’t write it because they just couldn’t), but which were part of India, found place in the book. Like ragging in college or cheating in exams or screwing girls (or girls screwing boys). This was rebranded India. Real India, no doubt, but put in neat little box which would incessantly be exploited later.   

So then what went wrong?

Success came to him. Success came to him for writing things you were doing and seeing around you all the time. He was the voice of your generation, but your silly Indian judgmental personality just couldn’t accept it. Vikram Seth was your voice (like really!). But not Chetan Bhagat, especially after you found that grammatical error.

Some of you say his plots are nonexistent. And then you say Catcher In the Rye is your favorite book. What really is there in that cult classic other than a rebel boy who gets beaten up in the hostel, runs away, spends a night in a brothel, gets beaten up again, meets his little sister, pisses her off and then makes up in a zoo? Where is the plot? And where is the plot in the Hungry Tide where innumerable pages are spent observing Gangetic dolphins and in the end a giant tidal wave kills the protagonist? They are brilliant books, inspite of an apparent lack of plot. There would be many other plot-less books that you swear by, and so it's tough to accept your argument that his success is undeserved because the plots are thin. The plots are as thick as the spine of the book and consequently its pricing. If you’re getting a monkey, you should know that you’re paying peanuts.

As far as language is concerned, commercial fiction relies on simple/direct language. If you’ve not understood this basic rule, and use it as your argument, then the joke is clearly on you. There is no difference between you and the fool who said: “Tiger is a strange elephant, it has no trunk.” They are two different species. One comes with a trunk, the other with stripes. Just like commercial and literary fiction, where one comes with the merry-go-round language intended to put you in a tizzy, while the other bends over backward to be straight as an arrow, just so that it’s easily understood. If it is the former you prefer then you deserve Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings with all the prose removed. Just song after song sung by giant trees and strange bears.

In fact the (often considered) greatest British writer, George Orwell, used lucid language. The first purpose of writing is communication, which means being understood by your reader. One thing that Chetan Bhagat books manage. Are you trying to say you hate Chetan because he communicates clearly? That you understood him the first time he said it, and you can’t stand that. 

So what really is the problem here?

When I meet Chetan haters, they usually fall in one of the three categories:

-          Wannabe writers, have-been writers,

-          Pretenders,

-          Genuine haters

The third are usually the least vocal. If you ask them, they’ll try to dodge the question, and if you press on, they’ll make an off-hand observation that he’s a poor story teller. And they’ll move on to more interesting topics. I fall in the third (that’s because I don’t like the genre rather than the author, even though I quite like Five point Someone). If you’re with me in this category, then congratulations. You’ve figured that the world will go on inspite of your opinions. You hate him, but you’re not a hater.

The second category is of pretenders who use topics like ‘munchies’. You know what munchies are? Pop-corn in theater. Or peanuts in a bar. Munchies are fillers. These people use Chetan Bhagat as a munchies. To keep the conversation going, and of course when you bash up Chetan Bhagat (or Shah Rukh Khan) you’re clearly saying: “I’m not from THAT India! I’m cool. I’m intellectual. I’m sexy and now you know it!”

The first is by far the most ungrateful. You can dislike Chetan Bhagat, but you cannot disrespect him. Can you imagine anyone in Bollywood doing that to Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan? Chetan Bhagat hasn’t just raised the publishing industry standard, but he has, single handedly, raised publishing to a standard of an industry from mom-and-pop shop.

Let’s do simple math. Pre-CB (or even today, other than CB and a handful of other authors), titles sold 5000 copies a year (a stretch assumption because most titles sold 5000 copies in their lifetime). This sale quantity, on a price band of Rs. 150-300, made its author richer by 1.5 to 2 lakh. This is terrible! No wonder writing has, for the longest time, been shunned as a hobby which needs a day job to support it. Come CB and books were now in 'million copies sold' club. A million copy of a single title?! Shocking, wasn’t it? Even at a price band of Rs. 99 that fetched him an eight figure sum. An almost equal sum for his publisher, and perhaps for the seller. Except that Flipkart does not believe in making money. It is a modern day Robinhood which takes from the rich (VCs) and gives to the (always) poor Indian customer.

And then each of his book is made into a movie. With one even being named after his book. (A very uncharacteristic show of character on part of Bollywood that!) If anything, the publishing industry should’ve been carrying Chetan on its shoulder, singing ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’. They should have been screaming: “We need more like him! Does he have a brother?” (Which, incidentally, Chetan does; who co-incidentally couldn't crack the bestseller code.)

He’s giving you hope, and he’s keeping the mom-and-pop shops alive. You should be creating five more Chetans. But your sorry lot, blinded by jealousy and plagued by laziness, is hell bent on destroying him. Get one thing straight. Only Chetan can destroy Chetan. You can, at best, join me in the first category. That is, shut up and watch.

Which brings me to the final point. Where are Chetan lovers? Why are they conspicuous by their absence? Once upon a time there was Team Jacob and Team Edward created by LA-LA-Land (LA-LA meaning Los Angeles meaning Hollywood meaning USA meaning We-Can-Sell-Any-Fucking-Thing).

So where is Team Chetan?

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20 Nov 2014
Aditya.., wrote: What? Somebody's supporting Chetan Bhagat? He's making money inspite of what he's doing, and now he deserves support too? I think people should stop talking about Mr. Bhagat and giving him importance. He gets so much free marketing this way. The ones who are deriding him are actually keeping him in news all the time.

Sanhita Ba..

20 Nov 2014
Sanhita Ba.., wrote: A different perspective. Nice. Best Line - “I’m not from THAT India! I’m cool. I’m intellectual. I’m sexy and now you know it!" :-D


21 Nov 2014
NARENDRA P.., wrote: All I would like to say is "Weak people take revenge; strong people forgive and intelligent people ignore." The art of being wise is to know what to overlook. For your information, I have not read the letter. It is a time waste. I have not read any of Chetan Bhagat's novels as well. But, as a writer, he belongs to me and I stand with him with all respect, love and support.


21 Nov 2014
Riddhi.., wrote: I don't like Chetan Bhagat because he thinks the level of Indian readers is below average, and writes accordingly. His characters are too stereotypical. I do not doubt his calibre, but he hasn't brought forward what he can actually write. A book is a good book if it's open to interpretations and his books are just simple and stereotypical. I know simple narrations and stories are required too, but he can't be just writing that! He has now become so popular and he should use that to showcase good work of art.

Ramen Das..

21 Nov 2014
Ramen Das.., wrote: retarded piece of garbage... it goes for both Bhagat and this particular piece...


22 Nov 2014
Sujit.., wrote: I completly agree with what Miss Ridhi just said.. Chetan bhagat has the potential to write masterpieces, but he won't do that, because he doesn't think he would be appreciated for that commercially... I do believe his books are parallel to those typical bollywood movies, who are influenced by profit expectations, who just desperately wants to enter the blockbuster club ,in spite of making a movie where one thing remains the same 'old wine in a new bottle'...

Sauradeep ..

22 Nov 2014
Sauradeep .., wrote: It's true that I too loved the lucid style of his writing when he first published "Five Point Someone" (I was a 8th standard kiddo then) but as I grew up, read more and more books, I realised the fact that his writing's pretty much mediocre. I find his story-telling okay but what he lacks is the depth of his ideas. What I mean is, in other words, what he writes is not mature enough! His books may be best-sellers (like crap Bollywood movies) but not truly admired creations. Of course, I don't hate him despite the fact that I don't like his writing style. His stories are relatable, and makes a good (one-time) read. Anyways, it's true that he should not be disrespected even if you don't like him...for he has his own uniqueness and even if you don't like him, you have no right to spread crap about him.

Anuja Bork..

22 Nov 2014
Anuja Bork.., wrote: most of these comments are nothing but the same stuff that the author of this article has already addressed! I wonder if some of these people have even bothered to read the article before commenting. so let me put it in simple words - 1. Every one knows that CB doesn't have a great writing style; even those who appreciate CB will tell you that his language isn't 'arty'. If that's what you want, look for another author! don't expect it from CB and then complain when you don't get it! 2. what CB portrays is everyday stories with everyday characters in everyday language with a little bit of masala that everyone can relate to easily. and there's nothing wrong with that! If you can appreciate it, we'll and good. If not, you're free to not read his books. But that doesn't mean you can criticize him! 3. He sells his books for 99 bucks. NINETY NINE!! how can you expect 'Works of art' in 99 bucks from an author whose writing style is BASED entirely on simple plots and simple language?? that's like ordering a vada pav and expecting gourmet food. grow up, haters..!


22 Nov 2014
Snehal.., wrote: Like ur thinking an comment too.... Nice... M wid u chetan sir..... @NARENDRA PAI -


22 Nov 2014
.., wrote: A book like 'The picture of Dorian grey' by Oscar Wilde is what you expect from CB?? If that is the case, then I promise no one can help you. Rather try to digest the fact that simple and lucid language is essential for the grand success that CB can boast of. We better keep in mind that India is no USA or UK.

Juhi Tiwar..

23 Nov 2014
Juhi Tiwar.., wrote: Chetan Bhagat, without doubt has proved himself as this generation's Most Followed Writer, but I suppose its high time he should start improving his writings, so that the ones who're following him get some brains. We just don't want writers in India, we want some Good Writers too.


24 Nov 2014
Sunit.., wrote: If you really want to read classy novels then select those type of authors only, why simply wasting time on CB, no one is forcing u to read his novels. Go get a life!!

priya Chow..

25 Nov 2014
priya Chow.., wrote: @Aditya - haha thats funny.. when would you stop talkng about chetan bhagat or even care about whose supporting him or not..irony of the highest order !!


25 Nov 2014
deepayan.., wrote: I like him as well as his books. Of course he is making money but he put the passion in his profession. What's wrong with us? Let me tell. We read or like classics to prove ourselves as the cult race. No need of this. I hate classics just because they journey in their typical mesmerizing literary way. Add a little damn Indian reality dude. The people who poses as Bhagat haters are actually supporting the craps from the western countries who thinks Indians are 3rd worlders living mostly in cheap tents. Yes I've read that particular line about Indians in a blog comment. Dudes, or... dear haters hate Chetan but don't hate his genuine ideas, else you would be taken as abusive. towards average Indian population. If you reject the change you must regret later. Pose a peace!

Swapnil Bh..

26 Nov 2014
Swapnil Bh.., wrote: Well, the author of this post surely has enabled surfacing the unobtrusive Chetan Lovers. Yes, I love his writing but at the same time I believe that his books aren't literary masterpieces and have a statutory limit of being read not more than once. And yet I would like to adress this very important issue : When you read his books, aren't you even a little entertainment? Do you firmly believe that every book you read must leave you with a byzantine mystery to ponder over or a plot that transforms your perspective on life or stuff. Is preponderance that important? Do you expect every texy you pick up, to be a lugubrious ballad? I don't think so, everyone wants to be entertained once in a while and with his books, he surely manages to do that very well. So, before you besmirch his work, please try to shed off the pretense of snobbery and presumptiousness and try reading them being the real you, not the camouflage you put on for the world, and dare say that it failed to entertain you. And for his plots, they leave you with very strong indictments on many of our social evils whilst the other Indian authors pen blub tales where the characters weep for pages as "their lives had collapsed right infront of their eyes". At most you can dislike him for you might not conform to his ideas or might find his writing style redundant or not upto the mark, but for hatred - it's just a misinterpretation of your emotions.


28 Nov 2014
Rahul.., wrote: There is no literature existing in Chetan Bhagats writing. A book should be like a delicacy..not something like boiled rice which is easy to digest but is extremely distasteful. If we were to read something that is predictable, easy and pleasant..we might as well purchase children's magazines. His fan following can be credited to serendipity..but definitely not creativity. The success he's riding on is well owed to a handfull of readers fascinated by his sly marketing skills..his fancy but unnecessary qualifications (considering his present occupation). He sits on a bunch of clichés.. Something else that wears of the charisma present in any writee


28 Nov 2014
Rahul.., wrote: There is no literature existing in Chetan Bhagats writing. A book should be like a delicacy..not something like boiled rice which is easy to digest but is extremely distasteful. If we were to read something that is predictable, easy and pleasant..we might as well purchase children's magazines. His fan following can be credited to serendipity..but definitely not creativity. The success he's riding on is well owed to a handfull of readers fascinated by his sly marketing skills..his fancy but unnecessary qualifications (considering his present occupation). He sits on a bunch of clichés.. Something else that wears of the charisma present in any writer.

aman gauta..

28 Nov 2014
aman gauta.., wrote: I truly respect chetan sir and his novels inspire me to write my own. Thnx a lot chetan sir. You're one of a kind. Despite the haters you have, Carry on with your books. There is still a higher number of your fans. We love your books. ;) ;)

Kartik Tho..

29 Nov 2014
Kartik Tho.., wrote: What is wrong in considering yourself an intellectual? I don't hate Chetan Bhagat but neither do I favour him. He is undeniably the most popular writer in India and that does account to something. Yes he tried to tackle a few issues here and there in a book. But his stories are nothing more than scripts for bollywood movies. He doesn't write for India, he writes for himself to make money, which in fact all writers do. Because he doesn't know the actual India either, nobody does. India is a vast country, geographically and culturally. Perhaps it is really his dream to make all of India read at least one book by the end of his journey. He writes fiction and he should accept that he is nothing more than a story teller. Because he doesn't in any way inspire ideas, he can engage someone for a while. I am not discarding him. He writes, he sells so he is an author. But I love books and I love books that bring in new ideas and explore the dimensions of human consciousness so I guess that makes me an intellectual. So be it, I am one. And thus I have no special relationship with his books as I have with Kafka and Murakami and that is the truth. I am not saying if you read this thing carefully that he is not literature but stop saying that being an intellectual is wrong. Do you want to live in a country that doesn't think? Do you want to live in a country who are nothing but a bunch of fools. I don't think so.


01 Dec 2014
Sid.., wrote: Lets put your words in an organized manner. You claim that like Catcher in the Rye and the Hungry Tide, Chetan Bhagat's books have a 'slice of life' plot. Now, as far as I am aware, unlike any of the above books, his works don't offer insights into the human condition or anything else. Next, you claim that, like 1984 it has a simple language. But, 1984 is extremely plot driven. So to put your words in a single sentence, his books don't have a plot, insight or lyrical language quality. So why exactly the fuck should we be reading them?

Ashurosh p..

04 Dec 2014
Ashurosh p.., wrote: Alas..!


04 Dec 2014
sambhav.., wrote: Every author has haters. But it seems Chetan Bhagat has too many. No matter how many OPEN LETTERS you write, it’s not going to change anything because you see, the book’s content creates the haters, not the author. I’ll tell you my story. When I got a copy of 3 mistakes of my life, I was pretty excited, but when I started reading it, I was disappointed. I wanted to throw the book away when I was halfway through, but with great effort I completed it. I found it boring and exhausting. Among my friends, I noticed that those who were accustomed to better authors, found Chetan Bhagat’s books "dull", but those who haven’t read any decent novels(english) before, liked them! Small wonder newbies adore him! When it comes to english, not all Indians are good. Those who are not good, find his books simple and easy to grasp and the others are bound to hate him because they know what a good novel is like. Now some argue that he writes simple simply because people of India could understand his books. There are authors(like JK Rowling) who use simple language, but still create magic. But Bhagat can’t! Yet, I must say, Chetan Bhagat is getting better with each novel he writes (but still not good enough).


05 Dec 2014
Shubham.., wrote: He ain't the best, but yes he's good. Fot me he's overrated peronality. He's not the only Indian writer of his forte neither the best in his forte. Even his grammar is not great, I've heard. And proof readers are fucked up correcting his words. but sorry i loved 2 states.


07 Dec 2014
Anton.., wrote: Feedbacks from haters should be ignored..they want u to suffer!!

sakil anam..

07 Dec 2014
sakil anam.., wrote: "if u r good at something... never do it for free " so wats wrong with marketing? we all need money to stay alive... he is too a human.. haters wil not buy him food..

Panchali K..

07 Dec 2014
Panchali K.., wrote: Chetan Bhagat who?

kul bhusha..

08 Dec 2014
kul bhusha.., wrote: sir, mr. surender mohan pathak is a hindi pulp fiction writer (if u have heard about him), who is successfully writing novels in hindi for last 51 years. still his books are selling more than 50000 (fifty thousand) copies. has written around 300 novels. his books are coming as e-books now. around 150 e-books are already there. and he has never boasted like u. met him no.of times, he is so down to earth, with a huge fan following, who regularly organise fan meets in which mr. pathak also join. no.of fan group are there on facebook. all the expenses on these meets are beared by his fans only and these e-books too are publish by his fans only. no.of fans write him and he responds almost all of them. he is undoubtly the writer of india, inspite of he never got his due, he has never complained abt it. his fans just love him. do u have that type of fan following ? how many fans have formed groups for u ? what ur fans have done ? do ur fans have ever organise fan meets in which u r also present ? yes u said it right that we can dislike u but can't disrespect u. but whatever u have written, that is called अपने मूंह मियां मिठ्ठू बनना. thanks and regards


08 Dec 2014
Sachin.., wrote: I think the language that chetan bhagat is using in his books is greatly simple and easy to understand. Not every Indian is capable of understanding high profile English language. By reading his books one can make his interest in reading novels and further he can just go ahead reading all that typical difficult novels of foreign authors. Chetan has said that i want people in slums to read English books. So why not accept him. I've travelled in many parts of the country and discovered that not every student understands English so well. If they read his books im sure that they will build interest in this language. I'm fond of his writings and he has a long way to go. Good bless him.


15 Dec 2014
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Tanushree ..

05 Jan 2015
Tanushree .., wrote: Mr. Bhagat hardly cares about his haters. He's celebrating his success :) And here his fans & haters are arguing on his style, profession (now being author) and LUCK ;) This is my typical India, LOL! Least bothered about themselves and much curious for others :P Being a freelance writer I would not say anything about mr. Bhagat, until I got a selfie with him and can stand nearby his position. Thank you!

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08 Jan 2015
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