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Institutes of national repute in the state of Odisha was a distant dream for the residents of the state. Previously a neglected aspect of the state, which was not a focus of the Indian government, education in Odisha is witnessing a rapid transformation and it's capital Bhubaneswar has been the biggest beneficiary of this transformation process.

In the 20th century, even after 40-50 years of independence of our country, the governments both at centre and state had failed to establish national level institution in Odisha. There was only a dozen of colleges from which Odisha could have taken some pride off, and only one of them was of national repute and later on transformed into a NIT. But this few institutions could never cater the demand of such a huge population base of th state itself forget about the neighbouring states.

In the last two decades, Bhubaneswar has seen a complete turn around towards its approach to education. Today, probably there are national institutes in and around Bhubaneswar in abundance.

National institutes of excellence have been established recently in Bhubaneswar, while several more are planned, such as AIIMS, NISER, IIT, IIIT, and a National university. There are several prominent private universities, such as XIMB, ICFAI University, Birla Group(BIMTECH).KIIT UNIVERSITY, a private university is Odisha's home made product which has brought laurels for itself before completing two decades of its establishment.Other major upcoming prominent institutions, such as Sri Sri University, the National Law University of Orissa, as well as the world's biggest academic institution, Vedanta University

 Institutions dedicated to research such as the Institute of Physics, and the Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Life Sciences and Applications are also located here.3 Private Medical Instituitions too have come up in Bhubaneswar in the form of KIMS, SOM  and HITECH Medical College.And a Agricultural University of National repute in the form of OUAT has been one of the oldest universitie in Odisha.

 The recent big ticket announcement on the education field is the establishment of IIM in Odisha, Jindal Global School in Bhubaneswar.

Due to the establishments of so many reputed instituitions, several reputed coaching institutes have come up to guide the students of the state for the competitive examinations.

Only the establishements of institutes cannot the fortune of the state but the ability to cater the demand is of utmost importance. And when you loomk at Bhubaneswar, you will be sure that the people have performed their duties. During a period of time Engineering had peak demand and the educationalists in Odisha had seen this golden oppurtinuty who burst into the educational field, it led to establishment of about 70 Engineering Colleges in and around Bhubaneswar. Private PGs and catering businees have grown rapildy in Bhubaneswar creating a lot of employment and financial growth for the less educated people.

Probably Bhubaneswar has it all, on the basis of educational establishments. Its in a league of few Indian cities which have IIT and AIIMS and IIM under process.

The role of educational instituions in the development of the city of Bhubaneswar has been an important one. Students from all around the country come over this city to study.  The connectivity facilities of the city too has a important role. The roles of the government both at the centre and state is immnese and they have stood up to their task upto a large extent.

Slowly Bhubaneswar has turned out to be a educational hub in the country.The presence of so many quality institutions within close proximity of one another, is expected to stimulate academic excellence in and around Bhubaneswar, and serve as a catalyst for future growth.


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