Could You Have Spring Rolls With Mangoes? 5 Wacky Fruit Based Dishes




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Somethings make for strange bedmates. Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi anyone? (Seriously, look at them!)

That couple's history. But let's move onto food. I once had Pav Bhaji. Nothing odd with that. Only, the pav was sweetened buns, and bhaji was made from pumpkin. Ok, you can retch now. Since that day, I’ve realized some food items are classics, and not safe in hands of experimental chefs. Or they could turn out to be wacky disasters. Like these. 

1. Strawberry Stuffed Spring Roll

Thin rice paper filled with mango and avocado, instead of noodles and hot sauce. Or maybe strawberry and kiwi? You’re going to tell us how it is, aren’t you? We don’t have the stomach for it.  

2. Tacos With Banana...Or Any Fruit For That Matter

Not bad if the taco is made of waffles. Very good in that case. But if you’re trying to win Mexican brownie points for authenticity, then this isn’t a step in the right direction. Give us beans anyday.

3. Fruit Kebabs

Now this looks quite interesting. Fruits on skewers. Why now? Put in some candy in between, and it could be quite a hit. But the idea. Very wacky.

4. Spanish Biryani – With Fruit

We’re talking about Spanish paella here, and to simplify, paella is quite like our pullaow. Or Biryani. Only, can you imagine a fruit based biryani? Like banana and jamun in rice?

5. Pineapple Pizza

Like why would you kill something so classic? What's next? Rum and milk? 

What wacky dish have you made from fruit? Or tasted? Let us know in the comments below. We might add it to this list.

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