Flapper Girl Hairdos of The 1920s Making A Comeback In Bold And Daring Ways




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Have you watched Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic novel of the same name? If not, make it a point to watch it this weekend. However, we aren’t here to talk movie reviews, but something specific in that movie. The Great Gatsby, set in and around New York of the roaring twenties gives us a ring side view of the decadence and opulence of the Jazz Age. And part of that opulence was the fashion of the 20s. The flapper girl hairstyle was a rage, and like all things fashion, it is showing up its pretty head again. 

1920s inspiring the new millennium

It is rightfully said that fashion has a circle of its own and never fades, it only evolves. Back in the 1920s, the flapper girl hairdo was haute rage, and the signature waves were a pattern every woman or PYT wanted. From long hair to short bobs, the flapper hairdo became the trademark of dignity and grace. 

A little history

Back then the flapper girl hairdo meant to be a daring woman. Society looked down upon women with short or blunt-bob cut hairdos, considering them ‘less feminine’. With tricks up their sleeves, women with short hair who wanted to sport the flapper girl hairdo, pinned and tucked their hair, creating faux-bob cuts, and brought about a revolutionary style. And of course, the flapper girl hairdo didn’t only come with faux bob curls. You have them blunt and straight too, embellished with a chunky headgear for the crowning glory effect.

Cut to the new-age

From Nicole Richie to Rihanna, Sonam Kapoor to Posh Spice, Christina Aguilera to Katy Perry, we’ve seen a bevy of desi and international celebrities sporting the faux-bob and the flapper girl hairdo. Even the movie Bombay Velvet (although a different era), showed Rosie Noronha, played by Anushka Sharma, sporting the flapper touch!

The vintage vixen is back

If you are planning to look the part, get ready to be the vintage vixen in five haute flapper styles this weekend. Here are some of them!

For the long haired lass

Should you want it long and flappy, here is an idea to toy around with. The look goes well with vintage gowns. Remember Rekha in the movie Parineeta, where she played the chanteuse at a nightclub in Kolkata.

Soft buns for the short hair look

Should you have short hair and would like to make a faux soft flapper bun, Salma Hayek shows us how to sport it.

For neck length hair the faux bob cut would do

Hollywood celebrity Drew Barrymore shows us how the faux-bob 1920s flapper girl look could make you the diva!

Short yet fluffy hair

For girls with short and fluffy hair, you could either use a straightening tong and let the blunt strands sit pretty on the side and the fringe, or you could wear it like Nicole Richie, with soft curls touching the ears.

Pixie flapper

Pixie cuts too can have the flappy touch, and Vanessa Hudgens (Hollywood celebrity) shows us how to pose with the look.

Tutorial on the 1920s finger wave

Fancy the five styles we’ve shown, now here is your chance to get the finger wave done. 

  1. Massage your hair with Emami Kesh King ayurvedic hair oil. The medicinal preparation has no side-effects, and is made from the choicest of herbs that keep the hair safe and healthy, shiny and strong too.
  2. Comb the hair in three partitions- the fringe, the crown and the base.
  3. Use bobby pins to clip the fringe into tiny round balls and let it be
  4. Do the same with the hair on the sides that fall over the ears
  5. The hair from the crown should be combed backwards and should culminate into a bun, near the nape of the neck - secure the bun with the help of carefully placed bobby pins.
  6. Use a little hairspray if needed to keep the bun in place or allow Emami Kesh King’s adhesive force to not allow hair strands from the bun to run amok.
  7. Get to the side-hair which is clipped. Gently remove the bobby pins and give it a soft crush with your palm, allowing it to fall over the ears on both sides.
  8. The hair in front should be freed from the pins, and the curls can be combed sideways, touching the beginning of one of the ears.
  9. Use a chunky headgear to secure the hair, with the fringe in place or falling a little infront
  10. Secure the look with hairspray, if need be!

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we had fun penning the flapper girl hairdo for you. With five styles shown, use your creativity and imagination to doll up for the party this weekend. Have fun and remember to use Emami Kesh King to keep the hair safe, healthy and shiny!

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