Greg Chappel’s Controversies affecting the Indian Cricket team during his tenure





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1. Greg Chappell wanted to replace Rahul Dravid as captain prior to 2007 World Cup: Sachin Tendulkar

Just months before the (2007) World Cup, Chappell had come to see Sachin Tendulakr at his house and, to my dismay, suggested that I should take over the captaincy from Rahul Dravid," Tendulkar writes

"Anjali (Tendulkar's wife), was shocked to hear Chappel say that to Tendulkar 'together, we could control Indian cricket for years', and that he would help me in taking over the reins of the side.

2. Sachin Tendulkar Attacks Greg Chappell, Calls Him a 'Ringmaster' in His Book

Tendulkar is scathing of Chappell, describing him as a "ringmaster who imposed his ideas on the players without showing any signs of being concerned about whether they felt comfortable or not".

Tendulkar adds that several senior players were relieved to see Chappell go, "which was hardly surprising because, for reasons hard to comprehend, he had not treated them fairly".


3. Zaheer Khan says chappel's period was the worst period

In that phase it was always a struggle. When you're fighting within the team, when you have a war to fight in your own camp, it is always difficult to win." 

4. Greg Chappel's Opinion about Indian Culture

"The (Indian) culture is very different, it's not a team culture. They lack leaders in the team because they are not trained to be leaders. From an early age, their parents make all the decisions, their schoolteachers make their decisions, their cricket coaches make the decisions," Chappell said.

"The culture of India is such that, if you put your head above the parapet someone will shoot it. Knock your head off. So they learn to keep their head down and not take responsibility.


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