Karna - The Ostracized King





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The old man lies on his death bed..
Nostalgia In his eyes
The fate of Bharat's greatest warrior
Is to sleep on A bed of arrows and hear wails & cries 

A young man walks over to him
Wearing a shining armor of gold
Looking at his grandfather 
The sadness of his eyes increases a hundred fold 

The old man knows something is wrong 
when he hears muffled cries
To see this warrior, who wears the shining armor of gold
A part of him dies

The young warrior now knew of the secret 
The grandfather and his mother had hidden for years..
They had known how much agony it had caused him
Then why didn't it melt their fears?

The old man looks at the warrior 
His heart full of love
He then asks for forgiveness
As the warrior looks into the emptiness above

An alternate universe he thought 
He'd live like a king with his five brothers  
able to justify his love for paanchali 
Under the loving gaze of his mother

I see her younger self now
Bent over a river
So much pain in her eyes 
I can see her shiver

Looking at her like that
Makes me forget it all
The pain, humiliation and agony I had felt
That I realize would now bring A terrible downfall

"I want to stop this war Oh Pitah maha"
I said with a start
My destiny had again put me in a situation
where I was in conflict with my already broken heart

I was too late to step back now
There was a terrible weight on my heart
I was pitted against my brothers
This hate was the reason we would fall apart

The old man smiled sadly now
His words very clear
He knew this familiar feeling
A result of being pitted against someone so dear

I then made up my mind
I was going to fight from the kaurava side
It was his salt that indebted me forever
Even if it meant opposing my own blood in this ghastly collide

I shivered at the memory of paanchali's humiliation
She had looked at me with pleading eyes
I could have stopped this destruction long back
Is something I now regret to realize 

As I walk back to the Kuru camp that night 
I know this story was written well before time..
As the good looking & dark complexioned king, who loved peacock feathers, had once said 
Aren't we all pawns in the hands of time?

Whatever the end of this troublesome story
I didn't care about it anymore
For the biggest question of my existence was now solved
I just had to fulfill one last chore

And as the sun started rising up the horizon
I started stringing my bow
I knew this feeling should have dissolved last night 
Who is the best archer? Today the world would know

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