Mrs. Kalpana Saroj The Self-Made Millionaire Award Winner Of Padmashree




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1. Born in a dalit family (Who made this difference? God didn’t for sure).

2. Not allowed to attend many school functions, was bullied at school, parents of her friends refused to let her enter their homes.

3. Married off at a tender age of 12 to a man 10 years older than her.

4. Marriage brought her physical abuse and torture. She was beaten by her 'husband's' elder brother and his wife.

5. Her father found out life his daughter was living and brought her back.

6. The society gave all comments for failed marriage and for not leading the life as a disciplined Indian wife.

7. For suicide, she drank bottles of pesticides. But, fortunately got saved.

8. Now, she decided to live and started dreaming big. There began the journey of a strong willed women

9. She moved to Mumbai dreaming of finding a job but failed.

10. She learned stitching from mother and set up her own business.

11. She worked tirelessly for 16 hours a day and learned about industrial sewing machines available.

12. Yes, her business grew and she saw profit. She got a government loan of 50,000 rupees and opened her own boutique.

13. Her reputation made heads turn and she took over a company which was dying of debts.

14. She brought Kamani Tubes for 2.5 crore

15. Now, it is a growing business, worth more than $100m. Today she employs hundreds of people, from all backgrounds and castes providing them with bread and butter.

16. She does not hold a MBA from Harvard or Yale. But she is at the helm of a successful company; she rubs shoulders with prominent businessmen and has won awards for her professionalism.

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