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Bollywood dance is known for its latkas and thumkas, but sometimes it's just a whole lot of gibberish movements. Bollywood dance steps are not remembered for their complexity and sophistication, but because they are easy to grasp. Let's decode the nonsense!

1. Pelvic Thrust, Move Forward

Govinda's famous pelvic thrust is hard to forget but extremely simple. Pelvic thrust, left leg forward; pelvic thrust, right leg forward...almost like a vulgar march past!

2. Stop the Lemons

Lemons rolling down like crazy ping pong balls :-o; stop the lemons, stomp the ground...

3. Scratch Your Crotch in Style

This step is designed specially for the guys. You know how after going for a swim in the sea, your b***s feel itchy. This is a dance step specially designed to scratch them in style. Kissi ko pata nahi chalega!

4. Push it Forwards

This is the famous mystery of the unresolved case of the year 2000. Hritik was trying to push something forward, but what ?!?!?!?!

5. Don't Care Shitz

This step takes place when choreographer and the actor has gone berserk...#donteventrytomimicthisstep

6. High Voltage Electric Shocks

This is seriously shocking #punintended

7. Sunny Boy Can't Dance Saala

Sunny Deol is known for his stiff dancing, but these moves will leave you in splits! This step is more legendary than head banging #lol #whatisthemeaningofthis

8. Do the Roti Dance

Saas, bahu or beti, sab banao round roti #rofl


9. Wipe your Face

Take your left hand out, wipe your face and move it all around. Now, take your right hand out, wipe your face and move it all around (repeat).

Aamir shows you the right way to wipe your face.

10. Start the Train Engine

This step is dedicated to all the Engineers...Urmila shows you the right way to start the engine.

Blow the horn, give a jhatka (using your waist) and kick the sand! #somerealshittysteps

Thats all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if I've missed any twinkle toes in this list, put it in the comment and I'll be greatful. Just the name of song is enough, rest Youtube will take care.

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