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I was once at a party hosted by a hive of allergists who got into a heated debate with a rash of dermatologists over the inventor of the wheal. This debate was carefully watched from afar by an eyeful of ophthalmologists who thought better than to have any insight into the matter. So I decided to ask a scrub of interns their take, but they only seemed interested in the giggle of nurses across the room. Feeling left out, I thought it wiser to stick with a cast of orthopaedic surgeons who were standing in the center of the hall, chugging on some hard liquor. But to my misfortune, I was carried away by a flood of urologists and dumped into the bowels of a bariatric surgeon. Amidst the boring conversation that ensued, my eyes flitted across the room. I caught a cardiologist crying over a broken heart. I saw a pissed off nephrologist. While the paediatricians, all they seemed to be interested in doing, was kidding around. But all hope wasnt lost yet. A whiff of cute anaesthetists inertly caught the attention of the surgeon, giving me a chance to escape with a gargle of laryngologists. And thats when the inevitable happened. A pile of proctologists gathered around the open bar, and sat on some pretty hard stools.

These days, Im no party animal.

(25 June, 2011

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This is hilarious...

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