Reboot To Those Kickass 90s Bollywood and Indie Pop Numbers And Shake That Booty!




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The golden era of indie pop music and scandalicious Bollywood songs has to be the 90s, where divas and studs belted out numbers like nobody's business which were served red hot on MTV. Here are some songs that make us wish that somehow we could Reboot everything. Enjoy!

1. Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bolein

Oh boy, what a stir it created and then we had the moral police screaming hoarse in the name of ‘culture’ against this sexy item number. The sexy-sexy tagline was later changed to baby-baby! From the movie KHUDAAR, Bollywood celeb, Karishma Kapoor in a flashy onesie dance and jived, and stole many hearts!


2. Koi Jaaye To Le Aaye

Mamta Kulkarni, a famous Bollywood celeb of the 90s made many men skip a heartbeat in this thumping Bollywood number (remixed today) and there wasn’t a night at the discos across the nation that didn’t play this song.

3. Oye Oye

Naseeruddin Shah (Please believe us) danced in this number with an unbeatable desi swag. Did you know that at one time this song was banned? Why? Because roadside romeos would cat call the Nukkad ki Juliets singing the theme lines! The ban was lifted soon after!

4. Nigodi Kaise Jawani Hain

Ila Arun, pop singer of the 90s, took the cake with this tongue-in-cheek number, blaspheming the cosmetic world of shaming real-bodied PYT’s. The number was a peppy one, and so were the models featured in it.

5. Banoongi Main Miss India

How could we not mention Mehnaz, a petite young and very chirpy singer of the 90s! If the media sources are to be believed, there were snake lines outside her Mumbai home after this song, with proposals from every nook and corner of the globe, wooing Miss Mehnaz!

6. Oova Oova

Singer Anaida proved a point in this number- never judge a book by its cover, more so, respect women as they are. The video was a real sweet one, showing a simpleton transforming into a ravishing diva, while a super hot Atul Agnihotri eyes her. Needless to say the video closes with her walking away from the superficial bloke!

7. Kesariya Hain Roop Maro

After her song ‘Pari Hoon Main’ became an earth shattering hit, and a must-play at every inter college fashion show, Sunita Rao belted out a rajasthani folk number with desi beats and a western touch! You have got to play this song for a mood lift!

8. Choli Ke Peeche

Who would not remember the stir and rage this song created from the movie KHALNAYAK? From political parties screaming hoarse, claiming the song was vulgar with double meanings, to Feminazi’s and women’s rights groups throwing their tantrums- guess what, the song survived and lived happily ever after. 

9. Yeh Duniya Badi Rangeeli

Singer cum actor Raageshwari started out with this simple, mood lifting number, just a little after her acting career took off with the smash hit "Aankhen"! She was well accepted as an actress, singer and a vj.

10. Loveolgy

Shaan from the duet sibling band ‘Shaan and Saagarika’ taught us the innocent ways of love, through this foot tapping number. And yes, we back then went wild with the chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics he told us about!

11. Disco deewane

Sagarika from the duet sibling band ‘Shaan and Sagarika’ remixed the old ‘Disco deewane’ from a popular yesteryear Bollywood number and gave us another reason to go wild on a Saturday night.

12. Dil Dhadke

Baba Sehgal, the reason why women went weak in the knees- the man who brought rap to India with a minimalistic approach, a quirky video and a sizzling hot Pooja Bedi. Baba was really ‘The BABA’ of indie pop in those days.

13. Dil Bole Boom Boom

Biddu made us rethink like a billion times about the existence of past lives and reincarnation! Thank You!

14. Noori

Bally Sagoo, how can we not mention the hotty NRI who created waves with foot tapping Punjabi and remixed Bollywood numbers! Noori especially!


We confess, we grabbed a tissue and wiped the tears of joy remembering those good old golden days of the 90s- high five if you are with us on the same emotion!


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