Shocking Occurrences In Mother Nature




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1. Light Refraction

Those halos in the sky are called Sun Dogs. Sometimes they even appear like 3 suns. Apparently you could spot them from any where in the world.

2. Morning Glory Clouds

These clouds can stretch up to 1000 kms and form 2 kms above Earth's surface.

3. Mammatus Clouds

When air and clouds holding different levels of moisture mix, the heavier ones hang like pouches below the lighter ones. This is qutie the rare occurrence.

4. Snow Chimneys

Snow chimneys allow the steam of volcanoes to escape.

5. Pororoca- Amazonian Surf

These waves travel 500 miles up the Amazon River and can reach upto 12 feet high. This occurs only twice a year from February to March when the tides of the Atlantic Ocean hit the mouth of the Amazon. 

A Brazilian surfer holds the record for surfing 8 miles at a stretch.

6. Colour Blasted Canyons

Danxia Landforms of China are a result of minirals and red sandstone being laid down for the past million years or so.

7. Trippy Shores

The blue light is emitted from bio- luminescent algae (Phytoplankton) in the water that glow under stress or agitation. The shore in picture is in Vadhoo, Maldives.

8. That Looks Like So Many Things

Those are not the snowy tentacles of mother nature but just trees covered in snow. This picture was taken in the Finnish Laplands where sub-zero temperatures result in such surreal landscapes.

9. Nice Ice

When the temprature outside the plant is below freezing but normal on the inside, the water from the plant seeps out to the surface forming intricate ice formations. Hair Ice is actually soft to the touch.

10. नरक का द्वार (Door To Hell)

Once back in 1971 some scientists accidentally ignited this fire in Turkmenistan. And it's still burning.

11. Sailing Stones

These stones in areas like Racetrack Playa and Death Valley National Park move on their own without any human or animal intervention. Albeit slowly they leave a long trail behind them and can change directions.

12. Welcome To Australia

Major nope in Australia, the land of spiders. Those are spider webs that they left behind while migration. This usually occurs only when spiders are fleeing flood waters.

13. Dirty Thunderstorms- Yet Another Way For Nature To Show You Who's Boss

When ash, rock fragments and other particles collide, they create a static charge resulting in a dirty thunderstorm.

14. Triple Rainbows

Triple rainbows are so rare that only five occurrences have been recorded over 250 years of scientific literature. Up till 2011, a majority of scientists refused to believe their existence. That’s when photographic evidence became available.

When light is reflected from a droplet at a certain angle, a single rainbow appears. When this light re-enters a droplet and reflects at a certain angle, you have a double rainbow. In theory this can repeat infinite times.

15. Moeraki Boulders

These spherical boulders have formed at the Koekohe Beach over 60 million years by means of sedimentation of sand which hardened into stone. These were originally formed under the sea floor, but coastal erosion has revealed these masterpieces to us. They are called the Moeraki Boulders.

16. Underwater Crop Circles

These beautiful symmetric patterns are up to 7 feet wide. However, a fish only 5 inches long has created them to woo the ladies.

17. Barrell Fish- Found Only On The Deepest Ocean Bed

Mariana Trench

18. And Finally This

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