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A List Of Celebrities That Committed Suicide or Just Died Under Suspicious Circumstances

1. Kurt Cobain

The brilliant musician and front man of the band Nirvana died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. He also had 3 times the normal dosage of heroin in his system. He was going to die anyway.

2. Robin Williams

The one person that made us laugh and cry and a lot of other things. From Aladin's Genie to the Dead Poets Society, he has shown us many colours of life. He died at the age of 63, allegedly, by comitting suicide.

3. Guru Dutt

Iconic Indian flim-maker and actor Guru Dutt was said to have comitted suicide by ingesting a lethal combination of sleeping pills and liquor.

4. Ernest Hemingway

A very well known writer, Ernest Hemingway, took his own life by a self-inflicted gun shot. He battled depression and alcholism for a long time. However, his wife had claimed it to be an accident that occured while he was cleaning his gun.

5. Manmohan Desai

Producer and director of some of the better hindi movies such as Amar Akbar Anthony and Dharam Veer fell to his death from his balcony in 1994.

6. Praveen Babi

The gorgeous lady who had her time in Bollywood was found dead in her apartment in 2005.

7. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was found death in a bath tub in his Paris apartment. However, in 2007 his close friend demanded the case to be opened again after 3 decades. Apparently, he died of overdose in the toilet of the famous club Rock 'n' Roll Circus. His body was dumped in his apartment.

8. Marilyn Monroe

Possibly one of the most controversial suicide case, Marilyn Monroe was found dead at the age of 36 in 1962 by an overdose of sedatives. It was controversial due to her affairs with then US president.

9. Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was found dead as he choked on his vomit while intoxicated with sedatives. His companion at that time claimed other reasons. The case was opened two decades later just to end inconclusively.

10. Divya Bharti

This actress was on a roll at the time of her demise. Though she did'nt live to see many more days. She had fallen off her balcony from the 5th floor, intoxicated by alcohol.

11. Sigmund Freud

The father of Psychoanalysis who studied impairments like cerebal palsy decided the time was right to stop living 16 years after being diagonsed with mouth cancer. He had asked his doctor to give him a heavy dose of morphine to end his days on Earth.

12. Socrates

This great philosopher after being charged of the heinous crime of corrupting the youths (educating them), was to be executed. To avoid death by execution he had consumed poisoned hemlock in midst of family and friends.

13. Adolf Hitler

Hitler comitted suicide by a self-inflicted gun shot wound on 30th April 1945, his wife followed him by injecting a syringe of cyanide. Till death do us apart. Truly. They were then brought out in a garden where their petrol soaked bodies were ignited.

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