The Greatest Jodis of All Time To Walk The Earth




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Great things come in twos. Like Pakistani new ball seamers, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram. Some pairs are created by God, just to come here, dazzle us with their magic. They could be in sports, movies, literature or business. We’ve listed below some of the most iconic pairs which have stood the test of time, and entrenched themselves firmly in popular culture.

Let’s start with Bollywood.

1. Jai and Veeru

They did everything together. Right from making a surang in the prison, to riding atop a motorbike (one over the other in true bromance style) while they sang ‘yeh dosti hum nahi todenge’, and celluloid history was created.

2. Laurel and Hardy

They don’t come so awesome anymore. The greatest comedy duo to ever grace the silver screen, the fatty and whinny were a laugh riot.  Who can forget the construction site scene from ‘Liberty’. No matter what they do, they just don’t fall off the girders, as if stuck to it by Fevicol.

3. Tom and Jerry

Like. Greatest. Pair. Ever. Created. The cat and mouse game never ends, and no one wants it to either.

4. Amar / Prem

There are far too many awesome characters in Andaz Apna Apna, but Amar Prem, and their fight over Raveena and Karishma, has propelled the film into being a cult classic. And of course their respective takia kalam, Aila, Ooi Maa.

5. Frodo and Sam

We think if Sam didn’t accompany Frodo, the poor sod wouldn’t have made out of Shire in one piece. Right from the first scene, where Sam eavesdrop on Gandalf-Frodo conversation, to the last, where he carries Frodo on his shoulder to Mount Doom, this was one majboot jodi without which Middle Earth would have gone up in smokes.

6. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet have moved from being proper nouns to common nouns meant to signify a love soaked couple. Greatest romance pair ever, not to mention archetypes for future romance authors.

7. Calvin and Hobbes

Little kid with Socrates’s philosophical head. Calvin is a kid no parent would want, still a kid every grown up would want to watch and listen to. Especially when he’s talking to his stuffed toy tiger, Hobbes.

8. Ram - Lakshman

Ah, well, just the name is enough. It’s not just the brotherly bond, but the fact that they shared one of the most interesting and dangerous epic quests the world’s ever seen.

9. Ravan

Ravan and his ten heads is all cool by himself. Even Lord Ram couldn’t kill Ravan by chopping his heads off. Seems stuck together by Fevicol.

10. Harry-Hermione-Ron

Harry would have died in the first book if it weren’t for Hermione. And Harry would not be so interesting if he didn’t have the witty Ron for company. And those two would be nowhere if it weren’t for Harry. So all in all, you get it. Atoot Jodi.

11. Salt and Pepper

Etiquettes and table manners demand that when someone asks you for salt (or pepper) you are supposed to give both. Not just one. See, someone figured they were going to be one joined-at-the-hip Jodi and made this rule.

12. Chip and Dale

As with all brothers, one’s slow the other’s greased lightning. Still, this cute duo stick together, especially when they’re against their biggest enemy – Donad Duck. 

PS: You know you’re cute when the biggest terrorist of your world is Donald Duck. Like someone make me Chip already.

13. Karan Arjun

Mere Karan Arjun Aayenge,” only immortal lines ever spoken by Raakhee. They might not see eye to eye today, but Salman and Shah Rukh once came together for this film and became one of the most iconic Bollywood jodis ever.

14. Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Brave knights of the Mystery Machine, no one called them ever. But Scooby Doo and Shaggy literally launched Cartoon Network in India on their slim, jittery shoulders. Kids loved them. I know. I was a kid when they first came to India.

15. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal

This duo has ruled the Indian e-commerce space like a Boss. Other than flipkart ownership and same surname, they’ve had many things in common, like both hail from Chandigarh, both studied computer science at IIT – Delhi, both worked in Amazon India. Talk about a majboot Jodi jo tootegi nahi – Fevicol style.

16. Sachin and Indian Fans

“I’ve seen God, he bats at number four for India,” Matthew Hayden, speaking for himself and us – billion plus Indians. If you’ve never gone to a stadium and heard the ‘Sachin, Sachin,” chant shake the tin roofs as the genius walks into bat, you very well could have been born with the dinosaurs. This bond is absolutely unbreakable.

And a minute here to thank Fevicol for binding this post together. They are the symbols of majboot jod jo tootega nahi. Just like all the pairs we listed above.

If you think we’ve missed out any important pair, let us know in the comments below. We would love to run with another post.

This post is powered by Fevicol.

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