The Real Trailers of Twilight Movies: Featuring Mouth Breather, Shovel Face, Stares and BEWBS




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A spoof is a proof of the original's immense popularity. Nobody spoofs anything that's failed, unless you fail on an epic scale like Hindi film Gunda.

Screen Junkies does that. And does it brilliantly. They make, what they call, Original Trailers of popular hollywood films. And they move beyond the usual clutter of CGI, beautiful faces and 'BEWBS' (boobs for normal people), to the real story in the film.

Here we bring you the Twilight franchisee.

And it starts like this: "Based on the terrible books by one of the shittiest authors of all time..."

So you know what's coming.

Twilight trailer.

And if the original wasn't bad enough, we have Mouth Breather (Kristen Stewart) and Shovel Face (Robert Pattinson) reprising their blood curdling love saga in...

 New Moon

From the blockbuster franchise which all intelligent people avoid comes the most forgettable Twilight movie yet: Eciplse

The tedious book which was turned into two bloated movies only to squeeze more money from preteen fans and Twilight Moms comes the final nail in the coffin ... of viewers: Breaking Dawn.

(Spoiler Alert: No script involved!)

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