These Hyperactive Animals On Energy Drinks Are Going To Make You ROFL




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So what's an energy drink do? Give you an instant boost. Make you run around in circles? Perhaps these crazy furballs have the answer.

1. This Crazy Birdie Which Thinks Best Way To Mix A Coffee Is To Run Around in Circles

2. This Kitty Which Just About Made It

Only if it had taken a bigger Urzza shot.

3. This Dog Which Can't Stop Running Even In His Sleep

Or maybe he's just having a sick nightmare.

4. This Playful Little Goat Which Just Kicked Its Older Brother

No shit, that's rude

5. This Dawg Which Knows It's Feed Time And Is Totally Losing It

Urzza time! 

Urzza - The Liquid Charger.

Has vitamins. No caffine. A great tasting energy drink that fully enlivens the body, mind and mood. URZZA provides an instant boost to the energy levels and kicks life to a high gear. 

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