Top 15 Hangout Zones In Delhi That Laid The Foundation of Many Epic Friendships




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It began all here. We aren’t taking you through the series of ‘How I Met Your Mother’; infact we are talking about the famous 15 Delhi hangout zones that have seen the best of dosti, Yaariyan and dildari happening. Reminiscing the good old college days; of banter, whiney talks, bitching, gossiping, good food and yes of course – the love stories too. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out the zones as they are today.

1. The Big Yellow Door

Or ‘BYD’. Great food that would keep you licking your fingers, even after washing them; an amazing ambience to hang out in and a hit amongst college-goers. What else do you want? Love cartoons and urban art – BYD offers them all. The WALL here has something new to discover every time you visit. Curious? Grab the famous cheese-bomb burger and observe the WALL!

Location: H 8 B, Near GTB Nagar Metro Station, Opposite Hudson Lane's NDPL Office, Vijay Nagar


2. My Bar Lounge

In college and not downing a drink with friends – impossible (almost). But if you do have a craving for a mid-noon to early evening beers and wines, My Bar Lounge is the hangout zone to be at. Completely safe for solo women and solo college-goers to hang out at, the lounge is for those who are on a strict budget. Dig into munchies – Chinese, north Indian, dahi ke kebabs and more; don’t miss out on the mushroom bruschetta too – meals at INR 300, that’s it! Check them out here!

Location: G 68, Opposite Alka Hotel, Near Metro Exit 7 & 8, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi


3. Indian Coffee House

The Cheese Omelette here is a favourite and a must-have, should you drop by. Indian Coffee House is an epitome of the old-world charm, populated mostly by college-goers whiling away time, listening to music, sipping cups of coffee and chai at very affordable prices. If you feel like bunking a class or two, the coffee house welcomes you, with utmost politeness and courtesy. Check them out here!

Location: 2nd Floor, Mohan Singh Place, Connaught Place


4. Jughead’s

‘Paisa vasool’ is what we would say about Jughead’s – a place known for the best and cheapest food range available. Not a classy hangout though, but when you are with your buddies, who cares! College students love Jughead’s, calling it an alternative to Pop Tate’s. Grab the non-veg thalis here, you’d be happy!

Location: 1 & 3, Main Market, Uday Park


5. Bromfy Public House

Kamla Nagar, North Campus, Bromfry Public House – a place that’s happening at night. Students and college-goers fancying a late night rendezvous in groups or with someone special haunt this place. Known for the range of finger-licking finger food – chilli potatoes and plenty other non-veg delights – you can party at Bromfy’s and wouldn’t need an excuse to do so. For just INR 300 a decent meal can be yours too – Italian, American or North Indian, Bromfy’s serves them all with love.

Location: 4/3, Roopnagar, Opposite Kamla Nagar Market, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi


6. Amar Colony Market

Every form of scrumptious delightful bites are found in this market, and from all parts of the nation and the globe too. Absolutely easy on the pocket; this is a place we would like to call food heaven. Ask the college-goers and you’d hear long stories about this area. Aunty ke fries anyone?


7. Life Passion Karma

Life Passion Karma, also fondly called ‘LPK’ is a haunt for not only the college-goers, but for the young-at-heart as well. Don’t be surprised to find seniors (alumni) hanging around here. Can’t blame them; the energy and ambience here is a rage, and the food suits the pocket too. Fancy a Hookah for cheap; LPK is the place to be. Check them out here!

Location: 2528, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar


8. Keventer’s

Summers are here and we all know how unforgiving the DELHI HEAT can be – head to Keventer’s for the coolest of milk shakes. Quality wise, Keventer’s is class-apart and unmatched. Try the ‘old-school milkshake’ topped with dollops of your choice of ice-cream. Learn more about them here.

Location: Block A, Connaught Place.


9. Defence Colony Bakery

Head on to the very famous Defence Colony Bakery, where dates have culminated into marriages, and where friendships for life have been formed. With smell of freshly baked goodies filling the air, would you even want to walk out of this place without grabbing a bite? A little expensive, but hey, you’d do anything to be with your buddy, isn’t it? Blueberry cheesecake, anyone!

Location: Defence Colony market


10. 34, Chowringhee Lane

Not that hit movie, we’re talking about the true spirit of Kolkata in the nation’s capital. 34, Chowringhee Lane brings the cultural capital and its foody-goodness to you. South Campus is the place where you need to head out; where the myriad range of rolls – chicken, mutton, paneer and veg, egg and the famous aloo rolls – are a rage. For just INR 200, you could be smiling and eating, and smiling away and eating more.

Location: 9, Satya Niketan, opposite Venkateshwara college


11. Kent's

Amazing coleslaw salads spanning a foot-long treat at Kent’s has taken the college-goers by their horns. Best known for its affordable prices and a wide range of quality snacking options, you cannot but be here when the purse strings are tight; INR 200 only!

Location: Defence colony market


12. Woodbox Café

The musty smell of wood and the classy interiors at Woodbox Cafe seems to charm the college-goers minds. Quite boho and chic in its own way, you have waiters serving you liquor in small bottles – normal glass height. Don’t miss out on the Chinese and the Italian food – that would be a sin to do. And that sinful Ferrero Rocher shake! Price for a couple - INR 500! Check them out here.

Location: 1, DDA Market, Hudson Line, New Delhi University-GTB Nagar


13. Mithaas

Students with a sweet-tooth have hovered around this place, like butterflies on pollen. You’d find PYTs and hunks from the famous colleges around, often anchoring here for the good food, the ambience and the mind-blowing debates. Student discounts are the norm here, and for the rest, you wouldn’t be spending more than INR300 for two. Try the veggie supreme pizza for sure.

Location: 4 & 5, Anand Lok Market, Opposite Gargi College, Anand Lok


14. Mr. Crust

College life and who has the time; which is why most depend on fast-food. Throw in a little something sweet, and our day is made. Prices so cheap, you’d have to think of Mr. Crust as the best places where friendships have happened over a plate of goodness. The hangout zone is absolutely busy and crowded, and you wouldn’t mind it at all! Check them out here.

Location: B 29/B, Opposite Mother Dairy, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi


15. Ustaad Moinuddin

Chawri Bazaar metro station is a noisy place to be at, especially near Lal Kuan Bazaar. Mirza Ghalib, the famous poet of the erstwhile Mughal era once lived in these lanes – but while scouring for his works it would be nice to dig into the juiciest kebabs here. Soft, spicy and yummalicious! For just INR 200, you and your buddy could gorge away!

Location: Lal Kuan, Gali Qasimijan, New Chawri Bazaar Metro Station, New Delhi


Now this is why food and friendships last the longest – a plate shared by two, and jugaad done often makes it memorable. If you have places where your buddies and you hang out or have in the past; let us know!

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