True Love Begins With The Finest First Sip - 5 Mocktails Sans Alcohol For Dating Teens




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Let’s give that alcohol a break. It’s so unimaginative anyway. Going to a bar, ordering Rum and Coke. So this monsoon, stay home, and get frisky with fruits. It might be just the right kind of freshness your relation needs. And for teens, who’re keen to move beyond unabashed flirting on social media and long gazes in college corridors, a virgin date in your backyard, might be a good idea to start off with.

Here are five easy mock tails with a desi twist to serve your date with!

1. Mock Champagne

No alcohol means NO ALCOHOL And for teens, definitely not until you’ve reached the legal age. But this mock champagne with B NATURAL’S PINEAPPLE POISE is quite cool. A pack of B Natural Pineapple juice, half glass of grape juice, a few teaspoons of ginger concentrate (sans the pulp) and chaat masala (optional), with a dash of honey. Pour them into a large bowl and throw in a couple of crushed ice cubes. Stir well. Serve chilled!

2. Unfrozen Hearts

The love between the two would melt this drink for sure, which is made from a glass each of B NATURAL’S Orange Oomph and Mixed Fruit Merry, half a glass of cranberry juice, a tablespoon of honey, a quart glass lime concentrate and a few herbs to garnish with. Mix them all and stir them well in the bowl large enough to sit in the deep-freezer for an hour. Once frozen, run it in a mixer grinder and serve semi-crushed with toppings of nuts and herbs!

3. Strawberry Floaters in a Mango Sea

Quite a peppy drink and a yummy one too. Grab hold of a glass of strawberries and chop them fine – freeze them for an hour. In another bowl, empty a pack of B NATURAL’s Mango Magic and to this, add a dash of fresh lime soda (2 tablespoons). Chop a few leaves of coriander and add a pinch of cinnamon and jal jeera to it. Stir the herbs in the drink and add to this the frozen strawberries. Serve chilled!

4. An Orange Punch

This ain’t your regular orange punch. It’s spicy and healthy. Just like your dates should be. Grab a pack of B NATURALs Orange Oomph, half a glass of soda and a few slices of lime. Mix the soda and the orange juice well. To this add some salt and pepper and one teaspoon of ginger concentrate for taste. Mix well and serve in tall-stemmed glasses!


5. The Cool Charlatan on The Block

Looks minty, but has cucumber and litchi in it. And so it gets the name Cool Charlatan. Half glass of B NATURALs Litchi Luscious, half a glass of cucumber juice, quarter glass lemon concentrate, and plenty of crushed ice cubes. Give them all a good mix in the grinder for a minute - serve chilled!


Shoot out an invite, prep the food and drinks and let’s get started. Psst! You don’t need alcohol to impress- you really don’t!

This post is sponsored by B Natural, ITC. The most natural part of the sweetest fruit, You just #canthidethetaste.

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