Watch How These People Make A Shark From a Melon. You'll Be Stunned!




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There are two type of people in this world. One, you give them a watermelon and they make a shark out of it. Second, you give them a watermelon and they return you their finger because they couldn't cut the damn fruit right. Below, is the handiwork of the first lot. What are the chances you'll be turning into a fruit sculptor soon?

1. This Mother of Oranges

Daenerys Targaryen likes.

2. This Bad Ass Apple

Who recently saw a Rajnikanth movie.

3. These Banana Nosed Dolphins

No carving required.

4. This Melonosaur

Has already been signed up for 'Return to the Jurrasic World - 3D'.

5. This Porcuapple

A big fan of Redfoo.

6. This Confused Mutt

Or maybe just excited.

7. This Hedwig's Not-So-Fluffy Cousin

8. This Hedwig's Not-So-White Cousin

9. This Shy Pair

So cute, someone eat them already!

10. This Tentacly Beast We Don't Know Shit About

11. This Water Me-Lion

Water Melon , Water Me-Lion, get it? Get it! 

That's all the fruit I can take in a day.

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