Go Totally Besharam On Your Bachelorette With These 5 Crazy Items




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If you aren't having a bachelorette before your wedding, you need a whack on your head, sister. Its the last day of your life for guilt free debauchery. Debauchery depending on your personality could include male anatomy designed cakes to cakes on male anatomy. Whatever you crave, there is a load of stuff you could get from imbesharam.com, indian's #1 adult lifestyle webstore, which will make the evening a roaring success. Check out these five.

1. Sexy Jewellery

Keep the jadau for later. This is your last night as a spinter, you need to flaunt your style and quirky self with utmost haute elegance. Wear sexy jewellery with low-cut tops, cholis, dress shirts or netted lingerie. Its your bitch-lorette after all. Check out this cool range on imbesharam.com. Worldwide shipping done in discreet packaging.  

2. 50 Shades of Grey Toys

The cool thing is you can take this on your honeymoon as well. For now, tie down those men (if it's that kind of party) or just play a naughty game of treasure hunt. Whatever you choose, these 50 shades of grey toys from imbesharam.com will add the right kind of wantonness to the party. 

3. Play Truth or Dare

The ultimate of all party games. And if you have married friends, you could get some handy tips as well. Pick the bachelorette dares quiz pack, which doubles up an evil interrogator to bring out the wildest, dirtiest and must we say, the raunchiest thoughts, actions, sentiments and emotions even from the Plain Jane’s of the group! For just Rs. 1000/- imbesharam.com is giving you this outrageous entertainment.

4. Cock Fights

Girls, time to pull out your weiners. Or maybe strap them on. Its time to fight.

If in a party the Duelling Dickies come out, you know it was epic, and you were sloshed, and are not going to remember shit the next day.

5. Decorative Penises

The only decoration you need for the night. 20 inch penises blown out of proportion. The floating penis balloons from imbesharam.com will set the mood even before the first drink is downed.

A bachelorette party is a must, since its the last night to get wasted without going on a guilt trip. We girls can go wild and classy at the same time.

Take that you boys, HA!

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